Weekly Review ‘Bling!’ 15.01.21

Albert Bogle January 15, 2021 0 0
Weekly Review ‘Bling!’ 15.01.21

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Tonight on the Weekly Review the team are discussing bling, fool’s gold, being a fool for Christ and weaving the golden thread of love into our lives. Gold is a bit is like love, on the one hand it’s delicate and easily broken but on the other hand it endures — never rusting, or corroding or tarnishing. And both can come out of fire more refined. This year what changes can we make to continue to build the precious, generous love of God into our everyday lives? An enduring love that catches the light like gold…

We are joined by Rev Rhona Cathcart of Inverurie West Parish Church who has been writing about gold in our Daily Worship this week. From her prayer on Sunday 10th: “Help us to uncover the warmth, the lustre which you planted deep inside us, that we might gleam with gratitude, wonder and praise.”