Sanctuary First Late Show - Episode Fourteen

Albert Bogle January 27, 2023 2 0

This month joining Albert will be Sandy Sneddon, the Associate International Partnership Support Manager with the Church of Scotland.

This is an opportunity at first hand to hear about some of the issues that Sandy deals with on a day to day basis as he, deals with advocacy, and development work, that supports over a dozen international partners.

Following on from last month’s conversations when Albert, Laura and Iain got inspired about mission in Scotland. Sandy has some inspiring stories to tell about his last visit to the church in Korea and some lessons we could learn from the world church.

Moving from an international conversation we’re delighted to have Rev Jill Clancy join us to talk about her work as a Chaplain in the famous Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow.

This should be an interesting discussion especially, since Dr Iain spent seven years as Medical Director in one of Scotland’s prisons.

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