Faith at the Fringe - Episode Eight

Albert Bogle August 18, 2023 2 1

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Welcome to Faith at the Fringe a Sanctuary First podcast series.

In this episode we are speaking with Clara-Nel Haddon the writer of ‘When Kurt Met Thora’ and Kellie Gamble - who portrays Thora - about the show and the themes explored within.

BBC Studios, November 1991.

Thora Hird, aka Captain Emily Ridley from Hallelujah, encounters Kurt Cobain ahead of Nirvana’s infamous appearance on TOTP. A mutual love of coastal towns, music and family is revealed over tea and custard creams as they reflect on their individual experience of God and wonder if at the final reckoning ‘Jesus will want them for sunbeams’, and whether happiness is ever really a choice or something predetermined for us all.

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