Festival of Prayer - 2pm

September 30, 2023 / 2:00pm 0 2

Jack Steel

This Saturday, the 30th of September, we are hosting another Festival of Prayer across all channels, the website, Facebook and our app. 

From 7am to 8pm, on the hour, every hour, members of the team and community will pray, live, for 5 minutes.

What better way to shake off those autumn blues and re-centre ourselves with the power of the Holy Spirit than a Festival of Prayer shared together online with the Sanctuary First community. The team look forward to praying with you throughout the day and the community are encouraged to get involved by commenting on the live posts.

Join us for a day of prayer, music, poetry and worship. 
Line up: 

7am Albert Bogle
8am James Cathcart
9am Christine Colliar
10am Marion Murray
11am Jack Shuttleworth
12 noon Paul Goode
1pm Jim Steel
2pm Jack Steel
3pm Neil Wallace
4pm Laura Digan
5pm Pamela Gordon
6pm Jane Steel
7pm Ruth Kennedy
8pm Albert Bogle