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Rhona Cathcart August 18, 2022 0 2
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Luke 1: 46 (NRSVA)

46 And Mary said,

‘My soul magnifies the Lord,

In Mary’s prayer she embraces the essential beauty and mystery of the incarnation — the sublime integration of body, soul and spirit, human and divine, within her own body. Our bodies too can magnify the Lord. When we treat them with delight and tenderness, humility and respect, thankfulness and care, no matter the shape or form; when we stretch them and challenge them, nourish them and rest them; we honour our creator.




The magnificence of your creation is there in every cell and every sinew.

And so let us magnify you, God

In the strength of our muscles and the tenderness of our skin

In the depth of our breathing and the stretch of our limbs

In the delicate balance of movement and stillness

In the way we touch and listen,

In the sheer physical gift of being,

We magnify you, God.