Daily Worship

I know

Norah Summers January 23, 2018 0 0
Image credit: Pixabay

Psalm 71: 20

20 You have sent troubles and suffering on me,
    but you will restore my strength;
    you will keep me from the grave.

The grave -

the pit, the quicksand, the miry clay, the depths of the earth –


when these awful images loom before us, the Psalmist says “I know how you feel.”


From hundreds of years ago, someone says “I know how you feel” –

people have always experienced these fears, but comfort is at hand.


We may indeed be in dire danger, 

surrounded by enemies, 

faced by unknown perils;


we may be ill or anxious,

or caring for someone else who is;


we may simply be tired and hopeless,

discouraged in our faith,

let down by false friends.


Where will our help come from?

our help will come from the Lord.


Constant God, 

when our worldview is shaken,

when our certainties dissolve,

when our bedrock trembles,

when we are sucked down into the depths,

when we can’t see the sky,

and all is dark -


then underneath are the everlasting arms,




holding us up out of danger,

grasping us firmly to set our feet upon a rock,

encouraging us gently

to look up

and see the sun.