Daily Worship

‘Hear us, good Lord’

Martin Fair January 26, 2014 0 0

Jeremiah 29:7

'Seek the peace and prosperity the place where you are; pray for it...'

Hear us, merciful God, as we cry out to you on behalf of our nation. We pray today especially for those who find themselves in debt; for those who can't face today, far less tomorrow, because of the mountain of debt which weighs so heavily on their shoulders. Forgiving God, keep us from being judgemental, from an approach which says of such folks that they are where they are because of their own stupid fault. Give us compassion instead and make us ever mindful of the stress and anxiety that so many are living with, every hour of every day.

This Lord, we pray; that you would offer hope to those who see no way out; that you would bring peace to those who live in fear of the loan shark or bailiff's knock at the door.

Because with you there is always hope, we pray in Jesus' name, AMEN. 


written by Martin Fair, St. Andrew's Church, Arbroath