It’s time to start expecting some miracles

Albert Bogle February 11, 2018 2

Here in Sanctuary First we’re looking to connect with the dreamers and prophets, the poets and the songwriters, the singers and the dancers, the trouble makers and the radicals, the doubters and the believers - all who are looking for more. People who are a bit like the travellers on the way to Oz.

All of us no doubt wish we could fathom the mysteries of God. Like the Scarecrow travelling with Dorothy, we’d like to think more clearly, like the Tin Man somewhere along the way we’ve lost our heart for God and we wish we could find it again, and sometimes like the cowardly Lion we long for the courage to step out in faith and believe in the vision God has placed in our hearts.

Perhaps things could change for all of us this lenten season. Could it be that we discover that heaven is not at the end of a rainbow but is actually touching our lives right now?

We have an amazing Christian heritage to build upon. We follow in a long line of saints and sinners who encountered God because they were longing for so much more. When we begin to place expectation at the heart of our faith we discover that God is at work in the everyday aspects of our lives.

Heaven Touching EarthThe theme Heaven Touching Earth is an invitation to begin to look for the miracles of God in the ordinary things of life. As our Holy Ending theme draws to a close I would like to introduce you to an amazing address that Andrea Wigglesworth gave to the National Gathering of the Church of Scotland at Ingliston 10 years ago. I have been looking through some of the old footage of the National Gathering and found myself asking what is it that stops us believing that God can revive his church here in Scotland, and indeed these islands?

I wonder if those of us who have been struggling, with change and who are facing a time of transition could find fresh courage and hope from listening to this inspiring message.

If you are daring to believe that God is not finished with the Church of Scotland. If you are longing to believe that God can bring about a healing of our disappointments and divisions then this video clip is truly worth watching

I have come to the conclusion that it is our lack of believing in our God given imagination that prevents us from attempting to make our dreams and visions a reality.

So let’s hear from the dreamers and the prophets, the schemers and the one time activists. Could God be stirring the church, not from the centre, but from the edges?

It would be great to hear from you if any part of this blog resonates with you, please comment below.

Very Rev Albert Bogle