Daily Worship -

God of the peacemakers

February 17, 2014 0

Matthew 5 v9

Happy are those who work for peace, They will be called Gods Children

God of the peacemakers
Whose journey from cradle to cross
Spoke of change and challenge,
New life and new love,
Peace not war,
Justice not destruction;
Give us the courage,
Give us the conviction,
Give us the creativity,
Give us the contentment within;

To be peacemakers for the kingdom
whatever the cost.

To be peacemakers for our community
whatever the cost.

To be peacemakers in politics
whatever the cost.

To be peacemakers where peace seems impossible,
And where it is the most natural thing to be

To be peacemakers for you
So that one day your peace may come
To all you journey
On this, your earth


Ewan Aitken
Council Secretary, Church and Society Council, Church of Scotland