Monday 20 May 
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The First Stone - Connect Groups

Week Two


Stones have meaning — memories carved in our hearts


In week two we move from reflecting on the nature of God to considering how human beings have used stone as a marker in time. We raise memorials of stone to remember, people, events and follies, so that we can learn from history and pass on memories for the common good.

SEEDS TO SOW: What are the things that really last?

Read Joshua 4: 1-7

If stones held the ancients’ memories — will digital last to hold ours?

Today’s stones are perhaps digital files, be they text, film or some other medium but what’s interesting is that stone may outlive the digital. Discuss!

What for you is the enduring hope to keep memories alive?

Read Isaiah 49: 14-16

Memory holds our identity — how can we support those whose memory is fading and with it their identity? What has this scripture to say to such a person?

Read 1 Samuel 17: 48-50 (the whole chapter tells the story, so you could read the whole thing in advance and then focus on these three verses)

What metaphorical giants might be laid low by a small act of faith? Discuss.


SEEDS TO SOW: These are open-ended and optional prompts and are designed for people wanting to develop their own resources in response to the themes. Perhaps if you are using this material as a group you could use these prompts to inspire a time of prayer, or drawing, or creative writing? They are a short and sweet, simply a starting off place for you and your imagination. Tailor and develop as suits your group.