Wednesday 27 October 
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Week Two


Part 2: Finding the faith to cry out a prayer “Have mercy on me!


This month we are going to return to our key story of Bartimaeus (Mark 10: 46-52) multiple times, sometimes focusing on just one particular verse. Each time we revisit the story we hope to gain new insights as we consider all the layers going on in this moving sequence…

Read Mark 10: 46-52

Can we take this story of healing as an analogy to help us understand the journey the church must take to the place of renewal? What are the issues facing the church? Where do we need fresh sight to see the way forward

Are we crying out to God for help like Bartimaeus or are we silent?

Read Psalm 51: 10-19

What would change in the church and our lives if we took Psalm 51: 10-19 to heart?

What if we found the courage to cry out “Have mercy on me!”?

Read Mark 10: 28-31

What do we learn about humility from the reply that Jesus gave to Peter when he was looking for approval? 

How should we frame our prayers?