Thursday 19 May 
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Week Two


Part 2: From little details to big canvases


Conversation starter

How are you when it comes to focusing on little details versus the big picture? When assessing a problem to solve or task to complete do you prefer to focus first on the little details or to stand back and take in the big picture? 

Read Acts 9: 36-43

Let’s tune into a little detail: the pile of clothes Tabitha had been making. The text says she was devoted to good works and charity. Who were these clothes for? What do you think happened to them next? Where would she have taken them in her new life with an amazing new story to tell?

Let’s use our imagination to consider where Tabitha’s life, and her handmade clothes, might have gone.

Read Isaiah 43: 14-21

Thinking of verse 19, how do we perceive when something new is springing forth? What can we be looking out for?

Read Psalm 8 (twice, repeating after looking at the prompt below)

This short psalm is packed full of information as it breathlessly considers the wonders of heaven, the earth, and the human heart.

Which verse leaps out to you? Is there a phrase or word you find yourself coming back to? Spend some time reflecting on that phrase/word/verse.

If you are in a group you could discuss which different bits drew you and why, or if you are on your own you could take time to reflect and pray in some quiet time with God.