The Last Straw: A Heavenly Perspective - Part Two

Lily Cathcart December 07, 2023 3 3
The Last Straw: A Heavenly Perspective - Part Two

Part Two: Thoughts On Being Born, Jesus

By Lily Cathcart


Over Advent we are getting a sneak peek at four heavenly perspectives on the nativity! Each week a different writer will creatively engage with the story. In this second part Lily Cathcart imagines how it might have felt for Jesus to anticipate his birth!


I am going to be a son.

I am going to have a mother.

I am going to be human.


Look at them, have you seen them? Aren’t they funny! I’m going to get to be one.


How do I get ready to be on earth? To go from this and here to that and there. How do I get ready for what I will have to do? Some of it will come easy and some of it will be much harder.

Here it all seems very straightforward but you know human brains, they complicate things.

They always take each other by surprise too. Oh how much I’m looking forward to taking them by surprise!


I can’t wait to see them up close, to know them, to love them all right there in front of me.

I’m going to hug and walk and cry and talk.

I will tell them such stories.

And they’ll tell stories of me for generations.

But all that will come later.

First I have to be born, just like a human.

Naked and nameless.

I know what my names will be, although I’ll have to learn to say them all over again on earth with a human tongue.

I will be called peaceful and present.

A rock, a branch, a vine, a lion. Even a lamb. I will be called many things connected to the earth.

Once I have mastered it I will use my own tongue too to name myself too. The way, the truth and the life. The bread and the shepherd. Does a storyteller ever tire of metaphor? I doubt it.


But of course there is one more name. Such a little one in comparison. Such a human one. A local name, not grand or exciting, just… human.


My earthly family will say that name to me and I will smile, my new friends on my travels will say that name to me and I will laugh, my mother will say that name to me and I will feel my purpose.

Yes, the angels will cry out for people to adore my name.

But before they do, one small, tired, sore human woman will adore it, it will be my mother’s human right, the first to Adore Jesus.


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