Sanctuary First To Take On A New Challenge

Albert Bogle April 04, 2016 1

After 34 years of many and varied styles of ministry in one parish, I have been appointed by Falkirk Presbytery to develop further the work of the internet ministry which has been grown and pioneered out of St Andrew’s Bo’ness. 

I’m now the minister of Sanctuary First with the remit to explore how we might build an on-line and off-line worshipping community. It will be my role to explore the potential, (along with others), of creating a new fully functioning congregation within the Church of Scotland, one that will connect with the “Google Culture”.  At the heart of this initiative is a desire to help fulfil the command of Jesus to make disciples. 

Regular subscribers to Sanctuary First will begin to see changes to the App and Website over the next few months. In order to create a  greater sense of community we will be seeking to find more ways to be interactive. This will also involve the opportunity to come along to various Sanctuary First events in different parts of Scotland. We will begin with promoting some of these events in the Falkirk Area. Look out for the publicity.

Very Rev Albert Bogle BD Mth