Prayers of: Adoration, Confession & Intersession

Dr Iain Jamieson September 19, 2022 0 0
Prayers of: Adoration, Confession & Intersession


Prayers of Adoration, Confession & Intercession as written and recorded by Iain Jamieson for our Sunday Live Service: Complex Charcaters.

Watch Iain reading these prayers in our video section - Adoration, Confession, Intercession.


Prayer of Adoration


Today I stepped out into creation

I felt the wind on my face

The sun on my skin 

and I rejoiced

Today I felt a light in my heart

The company of friends

A whole host of angels, 

On the head of a pin, their wings across the wide wide sky

And I rejoiced

Today I realised that no matter how far, or how low or high, or how long I was gone

Your love was always there

It never wavered and it never changed, it was ever as it was

And I rejoiced

You are the point where breath meets air

The thinnest gauze between worlds and the next heart beat away

Thank you for just being there

I rejoice

I rejoice


Prayer of Confession


You know me

The real me

That guy - or girl - you know,  that Human.. being

Its hard being

So many distractions and calls on our souls

We are children, we fall, how could it be otherwise

But your love is our firm foundation and the softer landing the we - honestly - don’t deserve

It never stops or turns away - even when we are in the darkest moments

Confession, the honesty of seeing me and presenting it to you.

Allowing myself to be changed by your love

Allowing myself to be forgiven in your eyes

So that my eyes

Can see the real me,

From infant to aged

From the sunrise to the sunset of my years

I confess all of it. The very depths.

And you respond with arms open wide and a slate wiped clean.


Prayer of Intercession 


Abba, father.

We bring to you the great and the small. Our queen and her family and Maggie who lives next door to me and her family and their troubles.

They are all your children and oh, how they can suffer.

We hold them now in our thoughts, our hearts and we see them now. Hiding under a tarpaulin as shells fall on Ukraine.

Digging in dirt in the desert.

Standing vigil over a bold and beatific woman, inside and out and no greater than the least of these. but wonderful and amazing and perfect.

All your children - every one of us - broken hearts and bones, splinters in moments in time .

We bring the broken to mend

Suspend the suffering

Hope for the hopeless 

Rest for the weary 

For to you we bring these weights on our hearts

We see them now

We hear them now

And we lay them now at your feet

To protect

To lift

To mend

In your name father god,

In your name,

Let the healing begin.