New Theme - A to Z of Faith

July 04, 2023 0 0
New Theme - A to Z of Faith

The words that shape our discipleship


Join us this July as we use the format of an A to Z to look at some of the core principles of our faith and what they mean to us today.

We are getting down to the grassroots, the building blocks, the staring blocks, and first steps of our faith — as we explore and unpack a mix of everyday and unusual words that shape our discipleship. The list isn’t comprehensive — how could it be! It’s just a fun way to begin looking at some of main elements of our faith and how we live them out today. So, A is for Amen…

From A to Z, Amen to Zeal, our four Daily Worship writers will unpack the everyday reality of our extraordinary faith, of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus today.

We began this theme trilogy with Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pegs looking at key shapers of the early church and then last month we took a deep dive on the book of Ephesians to ask Who Are We?  focusing on central questions about our identity as individuals and communities of faith. Now we end with an A to Z of Faith to consider how we respond to God today as inheritors of the rich traditions we have been exploring.

This list isn’t exhaustive or definitive and it isn’t trying to be. It’s simply a fresh way of engaging some of the key facets of what it means to respond to God in our lives today. Some of the words in the list will be very familiar, some more obscure.

This summer as we conclude our theme triology on identity we are excited for the time of discovery and rediscovery that awaits.


ABC, 123… let’s go!


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