Looking Back at Faith at the Fringe

Albert Bogle September 05, 2022 0 0
Looking Back at Faith at the Fringe


Looking Back at Faith at the Fringe

By Albert Bogle


What an interesting few weeks we’ve had at the new Sanctuary First Podcast Studio operating out of the Church of Scotland’s central offices in Edinburgh. The side office, known as Room 8, with a shopfront window has now been transformed into a professional podcast studio. The television screen in the window tells the story of Sanctuary First and will over the next few weeks carry inspirational scripture verses and hopefully faith stories with subtitles that can be read by the public as they pass by.

This is all part of an initiative from the Sanctuary First Production Team to build upon our vision to build bridges into the artistic community in Scotland and also develop and grow relationships with fellow Christians in the arts.

Our tagline for the podcasts: ‘Faith at the Fringe’ asks where do faith and art meet. It has been enjoyable and challenging but above all a humbling experience to engage with our guests as they share their experiences and in doing so discover stories that uncover the presence of God in the expression of art in the most difficult of situations.

During these weeks there has been a reoccurring theme emerging from the contributions with our contributors touching on loss loneliness, bereavement and isolation. The artists in our midst are picking up on the reality that many people encounter and deal with in their everyday lives.

It has been rewarding to speak with actors and performers about their faith journeys, their hopes and dreams. It is truly amazing to find God at work in the lives of so many artists even when they are not completely ready to recognise or put a Christian label on their experiences.

The interesting thing has been that through all these podcasts a message of hope and courage has emerged from our conversations. Please take the opportunity to listen to some of the podcasts and share them with your friends.

You can find them on the usual platforms, Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.  You can also listen to them on the Sanctuary First App or on our website.


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