Sunday Live Service New Time: 3pm

Administrator January 07, 2021 0

From this Sunday, the 10th of January, our Sunday Live services will be going back to streaming at 3pm UK time.

As this new year gets underway with the days gradually getting longer, and the hope of better times ahead in store we look forward to continuting to journey together in worship and rediscovering all that God wants for us.

Dear God,

Each of us bear your thumb print
where you have moulded and shaped us
may we journey remembering the care and craft and tenderness
that has gone in to each one of us

Each of us bear your stamp, your seal,
where you have crowned us as your children
may we journey with our heads held high
confident in your love

Bless us as we travel bear your impression to one another
You hold our faces in your cupped hands
and our faces — somehow — hold You.
May Your grace be reflected in our smiles
in our laughter
and in our effort.

To God be the glory.