Art Connection - Sanctuary First’s New Weekly Art Group

Jane Steel May 25, 2021 0 0
Art Connection - Sanctuary First’s New Weekly Art Group

Art Connection — Sanctuary First’s New Weekly Art Group

Do you enjoy drawing and painting? Would you like to, but find you never quite get round to it? Perhaps you last did art at school and enjoyed it then but haven’t done any since?

How about joining me, Jane, on Zoom every Tuesday morning from 11am to 12.15/12.30pm to draw or paint together every week? Our first session will be on the 1st of June. It will be a time of drawing and painting and plenty of conversation. Complete beginners are very welcome as well as those with more experience.

This will actually be the second art group that I host each week, as I have already been running one on Friday mornings for many years.

It initially started whilst I was a member of Allan Park South Church in Stirling, and attended a ‘Go For It’ conference, where I heard about the ‘Bible Sketchbook’ and Luke’s Gospel art projects developed by Iain D. Campbell who was the Artist in Residence at St George’s Tron Church in Glasgow, and whose work was supported by the Scottish Bible Society.

Shortly after that I felt I received a word from God telling me that I should start an art group within my church so I contacted Iain and he kindly provided the Bible Sketchbook material to get me started. And so the group began at Allan Park South, almost 5 years ago, and it was a great success and brought together people from many of the churches in Stirling to do art together weekly.

We created a vast selection of work, initially starting with Sketchbook material, but then progressing onto all kinds of art including the use of paints, pastels, pencils, and we also created large wall art for use throughout the church building, as well as art installations for the grounds.

We would have a cup of tea and cake, then start the week’s topic, drawing and painting over conversation.

So how will this group work?

It will be a very relaxed group — I’m not an art teacher, so it’s not like a class where you’ll be taught! I’ll simply talk you through each step, and you’ll be able to see what I’m doing and follow along (or do your own thing if you’re already accomplished at art!).

Look at the list of advised materials, however there is absolutely no need to buy expensive materials to get started.

To Join you'll need to create a profile and sign up on the event page, the link to join will apear on the event page each week where you will also find the event information on what we will be painting or drawing that week and what you might need to get started. You can also sign up to recieve an email reminder as well. 

I do hope you can join me, and re-discover what joy and relaxation there is in painting and drawing, and also the friendship I know we’ll build, in doing art together.

See you there!

Jane Steel

If you have any questions about the group leave a comment here or you can email us: Contact

Sign up on the event page: Art Connection