A Poem To Today

Albert Bogle September 09, 2022 0 1
A Poem To Today

A Poem To Today


Albert Bogle, minister of Sanctuary First, shares a
poem on the passing of Her Majesty the Queen.


Come stand with me

Come stand with us

A nation in mourning

As we seek courage to continue

On our journey

Without our Queen

Change and loss create fear

Stand and face the fear and it will flee


Don’t run she said

To run is to miss the detail

To cast your eyes away from the problem

To only feel your fear in the darkness

To keep living in your pain

Stand your ground — nothing lasts forever


Don’t sit she said

To sit is to spectate

To seek a comfortable view

To believe that is all you can do

To live in your incapacity

To do so is to miss the challenge

To expect more

To keep standing is to hold your ground


To stand is to expect — to be ready

To look out beyond here — to there

To scan the view

To look far beyond the distant clouds

To wait in anticipation

For a clear view

For a distant sunrise

To see the the possibilities of expansive faith

To see the day in all its daylight

To see the Son in all his glory


Come stand with her before the Son

Come — be amazed!

Standing is for queens and kings

He has made us all into royalty

Wearing robes and crowns

And regal smiles

Come stand with awe and wonder

Come stand amazed and serene

Come kneel like her

And cast your crowns

Your pride — your joy

At the feet of Jesus the Nazarene

The King of kings



Albert Bogle