A Message from CrossReach

March 29, 2020 0 1
A Message from CrossReach

A message from CrossReach:

CrossReach is one of the largest voluntary sector organisations in Scotland providing a helping hand to people of all ages in their time of greatest need. In Christ’s name, and through the auspices of The Church of Scotland, we care through thick and thin and in geographical locations from Shetland to Galashiels to help people overcome their challenges by offering practical and emotional support and to help them know, that whatever their circumstances they are loved. Through our work we are privileged to be invited into the lives of those who find themselves struggling with their circumstances; the homeless, the poor, the frail, the disposed, the abused, those with a disability or an addiction, and those who are anxious or afraid and we know that our support makes a difference, helping people to find new ways to live life to the full.

Our exceptional staff group and our volunteers are remarkable people going the extra mile, day after day, year after year, to serve the needs of others. They do so quietly with a spirit of kindness and compassion knowing that what they do brings hope and joy to others. Their value has recently been recognised as the nation took to its feet to clap for carers and the NHS on Thursday night. We have always known of their immense value.  

However CrossReach now finds itself vulnerable. In these unprecedented times we are asking for your help. Our staff, volunteers and those who use our residential services are also at risk from Covid-19, but are unable to shield themselves from the virus by staying at home, and limiting contact. In the communities funding is uncertain and we have had to invest in redesigning services so that where it is possible we are able to keep in touch with people who need our help through investing in technology. The helping hand of friendship is still outstretched but is in need of urgent protection to help us to continue to care.

You can make a difference in many different ways:

We know that there are risks to using public transport at this time which can spread the virus. If you can provide transport to get our staff and volunteers safely back and forward to their place of work and be of less risk to others, or would like to volunteer in a different way, please be in touch on 0131 657 200 or

Our staff are there to care but there is a real shortage of Personal Protective Equipment, from overalls to face masks to disposable gloves you can help, please be in touch.

Those living in residential setting still need to be fed and cared for, but as staff self-isolate or become sick this will be a real challenge. If you have skills and experience from catering to caring which you might be able to offer us, please be in touch.

If you have supplies of food or cleaning fluids which you are not able to make full use of at this time, they may be invaluable to us, please be in touch.

We know our income will drop as many of our generous supporters run races, abseil, skydive or hold coffee mornings to help bring in funds to help run essential services. We know many people will be financially challenged at this time, but if you can spare anything at all, it will be most gratefully received, please be in touch. You can donate through or website at or contact  or 0131 657 2000

For general inquiries please contact 0131 657 2000 or

…and please hold our staff, volunteers and service users in your prayers.

Thank you