James Cathcart February 26, 2020 0 8

Each year God gives us 365 days. 365 chances to laugh, cry, praise, whoop, holler, pray, eat, work, sleep, adventure, reflect, consider, experiment and rest.

But this year God has given us 366 chances.

As the Solar and Lunar calendars are shuffled together we are given a bonus day to make up the difference.

29.02.20 may be just another Saturday, but it could also be a moment to step out of the normal routine of the calendar and look at the rest of the year ahead, offering it humbly to God.

Here's a wee prayer as we step into the rest of 2020 together


A Leap Year Prayer

This year may we leap

into the unknown

across gaps

in a single bound —

willing to fall into God’s open arms.

May we take leaps 

of faith

of logic

of intuition —

willing to risk looking silly in showing kindness to others.

May we take a running leap

when we are foolish

and selfish

and hurtful —

willing to make amends in word and deed.

May we be ladies and lords a’leaping

with joy

with spirit

with one another —

willing to go the whole hog in celebrating together.

May we leap at the chance to

serve you

by serving others

noticing your work going on around us —

willing to join in.

May this leap year be our leaping off point.


James Cathcart