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Evening Prayer with Alec Shuttleworth - 29.12.21

Alec Shuttleworth December 29, 2021 2

After 646 episodes 'Lighten our Darkness' will be coming to a close this year ending on December the 31st.

We will be creating an archive of all the past epsiodes and featuring one daily on the Sanctuary First site, but for now, in the run up to the New Year, join Alec Shuttleworth every night at 6pm for this series of evening prayers.

Find a calming moment of reflection at the end of your day, take pause and be at peace with God.

What are people saying?

Thank you for all your reflections which have been truly appreciated
Sorry to hear they will be ending on the 31st
Every blessing

— by Brenda McCrae , December 29, 2021

Echoing Brenda’s words, thank you for Lighten our darkness reflections. They have been encouraging and inspiring. I’m grateful for them and Alec for giving of his time. Thank you that they are being archived and will still be available. Blessings to Alec and you all for this ministry.

— by Margaret Clarkson, December 29, 2021

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