Unpacking Boxes (Jan)

James Cathcart December 26, 2021 0

New Year 2022 (26th December - 29th January). See the Resource Pack PDF for information on the weekly subthemes and the daily prompts and Bible readings which shape our Daily Worship. See the Discussion Group Questions PDF to see the material adapted for small Connect groups or personal Bible study.

What does the origami of God’s grace look like?


Pack them, stack them, unpack them. Tick them, cross them, leave them blank. Wrap them, post them, play with them. Treasure them, dread them, bury them. Stay inside them, leap out of them, flatten them.

From the beautiful to the bureaucratic, the loving to the limiting, the playful to the prosaic… our lives are full of boxes; attempts to sort, categorise, organise, arrange and make sense of life.

This month join us as we think inside, outside and all around ‘the box’.  What gifts is Jesus boxing up for you this year? Are there humdrum boxes in your life that could be reimagined as a play-fort, a ship, an obstacle course?

What do you need to get out of storage? What needs packed away? What needs boxed up to find a new home with someone else?

Over the weeks we’ll be thinking about what it means to build, fold, re-use, re-purpose and recycle with God. What does the origami of God’s grace look like? How do we work with God to tackle the glut of packaging in our world and the ecological cost that comes from it?


It’s time to open the box and find out…


Each week of the five week theme runs Sunday-Saturday and has its own subtheme, which contains daily Bible readings and prompts for thought (see the Resource Pack PDF for more information). See the Discussion Group Questions PDF to see the material adapted for personal Bible study or small Connect groups.