The impossibility of peace?

raemx November 05, 2017 0

This November at Sanctuary First we are longing for - and praying for - peace. Remembrance, towards the start of the month, is a time when we think of all those who have died and who go on dying in tragic conflicts around the world. We cry out for peace, safety and security in an often chaotic, unsettling and dangerous world. We will be thinking about vulnerable leadership, preserving community through a proud heritage of stories, sharing our gifts and reconciling ourselves to God.

The most featured word in our Heart and Soul consultation, May 2017, was ‘peace’. People wrote about the desire to work for peace through climate, social, and humanitarian justice. We live in fractious, unstable times and peace can seem like a remote prospect. This November we are asking, how can we offer peace to one another?

Each week contains 7 Bible references. Several from Lectionary + additional reading(s) relating to the sub theme.