Spirit of Connectivity (May)

James Cathcart May 03, 2020 0

A Church instituted by Christ but constituted by the Spirit of Creativity

May 2020 (3-20 May) see the Resource Pack PDF for full details including weekly subthemes and daily prompts and Bible readings. See the Discussion Group Questions PDF to see the material adapted for small groups.

This month we are going to be thinking about the way God creatively and often miraculously uses the Holy Spirit to create a visible and invisible network of believers. He often uses the most vulnerable and surprising people to be his hands and feet in the world. His end goal or big picture being to redeem his creation. Paul speaks about this in Ephesians 1: 9-10.

Jesus also identifies his mission as redemptive in the words of his manifesto borrowed from Isaiah when he declared in his local synagogue that he had come to bind up the broken hearted and to bring justice and meaning into all our troubled lives (see Luke 4: 16-21).

We will explore:

• the creativity of the networked church

• the importance of a network in a time of suffering

• sharing our faith passionately but with a gentle loving approach

• being a witness in a worldwide network

For more information including weekly subthemes and daily Bible readings and thought triggers see the Resource Pack PDF. See the Discussion Group Questions PDF to see the material adapted for a small group context.