Ready Pilgrim?

JamesC June 03, 2018 0

Over June and July we are going to explore the idea of pilgrimage. This theme covers 03 June - 30 June. See the resource pack PDF for full information.

A pilgrimage is a chance to stretch the legs and the imagination, to walk both towards God and with God. Pilgrimages have been popular throughout human history and have taken a number of forms. They tend to feature: a point A and B, moving under your own steam through some hardship or inconvenience, and a desire to be shaped physically and spiritually by the experience.

Pilgrims have crisscrossed our world, journeying to sites of holy, religious, and personal significance for thousands of years. On the way, these travellers have committed to getting to know one another, getting to know themselves, and getting to know God.

This is Part 1 of the theme and we will continue to explore pilgrimage in July. It may be that over this time you feel inspired to go on a pilgrimage of some kind yourself, taking advantage of the warmer weather to step into the unknown. We will be encouraging our Daily Worship writers to weave their own experiences of travelling, journey, and pilgrimage into their reflections.

See the resource pack PDF for weekly subthemes, daily Bible readings and thought triggers and the discussion questions PDF adapting the material for small connect groups.