Re: Set (Pentecost, May)

JamesC May 02, 2021 0

Pentecost 2021, (2 May - 29 May). See the Resource Pack PDF for information on the weekly subthemes and the daily prompts and Bible readings which shape our Daily Worship. See the Discussion Group Questions PDF to see the material adapted for small Connect groups.

In the beginning was the Word.

Then there was light and dark. That’s two more words.

And then the words just kept coming and coming…

The story of Christianity, indeed of the world, is an ongoing conversation that began with the ‘Word’ — God addressing creation in the person of Jesus — with the meaning at the heart of everything.

When humanity — made in God’s image — came crying, shouting and whooping into being we had mouths full of our own words. We responded to the Word of life with our own words of delight, shame, sorrow, curiosity, anger, wonder and love as we worked out what it means to be alive. And since then the words have only continued to flow as we have learnt more about what it is to be.

Every so often in this ongoing conversation it comes time to reset, refocus, and rediscover the thread. We take stock and respond again to that initial Word at the heart of the universe.

For God always invites our reply.

The last several months have been a profound interruption to the status quo affecting everything from seismic global trends to the minutiae of our ordinary day to day lives. Society is in a state of flux and we face an uncertain world on the brink of great cultural change and transformation. There is apprehension but also expectancy in the air.

And it is in this mood we that we turn our attention to Pentecost — when the church as we know it was born — in the midst of a state of flux, facing an uncertain world on the brink of great cultural change and transformation…

What can we learn from how they reset then that can help us reset now? 

God is speaking.

And it’s time for us to reply.


Each week of the four week theme runs Sunday-Saturday and has its own subtheme, which contains daily Bible readings and thought triggers (see the Resource Pack PDF for more information). See the Discussion Group Questions PDF to see the material adapted for small Connect groups.

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