Prayers For Living (Feb)

James Cathcart January 29, 2023 1

February 2023 (29 Jan - 25 February) See the Resource Pack PDF for information on the weekly subthemes and the daily prompts and Bible readings which shape our Daily Worship. See the Bible Study Questions PDF to see the material adapted for small Connect groups or personal Bible study.


28 Prayers for Everyday Living


This month on Sanctuary first our theme is ‘Prayers for Living’. We will be thinking all about what it means to keep God in our hearts in everyday life, and focusing on moments where we can find time for prayer in amongst the simple tasks and chores of the day. We will have 28 new prayers to focus on, one for each day of the month and each for a different situation.

Prayers for every occasion from;

A prayer for the morning

A prayer on receiving a gift

A prayer before ironing

A prayer while preparing food

A prayer in the garden

A prayer before going for a walk

A prayer for brushing your teeth

A prayer before going to bed

and many more...

As we anticipate Ash Wednesday we build on our past Theme Communicate! We will be thinking about fostering meaningful interactions and being missional — how we communicate our faith day by day as living praying beings in community. How can we prepare ourselves in daily life to be continual communicators of God’s love in the midst of the joy, heartbreak and wondering of day to day living?

Join us for a series of 28 prayers to prepare and equip us for 28 everyday situations.


Let us Pray!


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Each week of the four week theme runs Sunday-Saturday and has its own subtheme, which contains daily Bible readings and prompts for thought (see the Resource Pack PDF for more information). See the Bible Study Questions PDF to see the material adapted for personal Bible study or small Connect groups.