The Journey Back Home

JamesC July 01, 2018 0

Over June and July we are exploring the idea of pilgrimage.This theme covers 01 - 28 July. See the resource pack PDF for full information. The material has also been adapted for use in small Connect Groups, see the discussion question PDF.

This month we look at aspects of leadership required by all of us when making a journey that involves others. Scripture often suggests that all of our lives are lived alongside a parallel spiritual journey. The spiritual and moral decisions we make not only affect our lives but the lives of others. 

We will invite our writers to reflect upon 4 key stories in the life of King David, at the beginning of each week, to help us understand our duties and responsibilities within community as God’s people journeying together.  

At the end of each week we will look at passages from Mark’s Gospel and see how Mark reveals Jesus as the ultimate leader, sent by God to live out a very different kind of Kingship based not on power but on service. The overall theme of the month is an understanding of our mission. We are people who follow the one sent by the Father who has now returned to the Father and invites us to follow in his footsteps. We have become a community inviting a lost generation to return with us as we journey back home.

This is Part 2 of our pilgrimage theme series (see part 1 here) and it may be that over this time you feel inspired to go on a pilgrimage of some kind yourself, taking advantage of the warmer weather to step into the unknown. We will be encouraging our Daily Worship writers to weave their own experiences of travelling, journey, and pilgrimage into their reflections.

See the resource pack PDF for full info.