Heaven Touching Earth 2

JamesC March 04, 2018 0

See the Heaven Touching Earth resource pack for weekly/daily material from March 04 - March 31 2018. This is the second part of Heaven Touching Earth, (see the resource pack for Part 1 of our theme for Feb 11 - March 03). There is also a discussion question PDF adapting the material for small groups.

During Lent 2018 we are challenging our strict boundaries between earth and heaven, the physical and the spiritual. We are going to engage with the rich tradition of Celtic Christianity, contemporary interest in mindfulness, wellbeing and spirituality, and consider new ways of being church.

We are inspired by Ian Bradley’s book on Celtic Christianity: ‘Colonies of Heaven’ that explores Celtic models of church and considers what if any might fit the church today. Bradley suggests while many have romanticised Celtic Christianity, there is enough historical evidence to allow 21st century Christians to engage with material that can inspire a new generation of Christians to embrace a more inclusive, welcoming, and grace filled Christianity.

Research is showing an ever increasing interest in topics like wellbeing and mindfulness. While many no longer attend church, a great number of former church members still describe themselves as Christians and an ever increasing number of the younger generation are exploring spirituality through music, or discussion groups online, or by their commitment to justice and equality in our world. Many of these topics form the substance of their regular daily conversations among friends and family.