Somebody (Held in His Arms)

Jack Steel June 23, 2020 3

Murray Gallagher

Murray is a young singer songwriter based in central Scotland, he is currently a support worker with Sense Scotland; supporting adults with additional support needs in their own house. He has been involved in Youth Work with Youth for Christ, Missions with YWAM and Pioneer partner for the Church of England. He has a heart for missions, pastoral care, and prayer and praise.

I really got into music when I was young, learning the piano from my gran and then I was part of a youth band in the church I was at, and when I was in Ywam I started to find my love for the cahon. I had to really do some of my own praise (in my style) when I was with the church of England which was quite the departure from the style I was praising in Ywam. I had done a wee week back in England last year, and that had a bit of a focus on song writing and that really re-sparked the passion for song writing and during lockdown I have found myself doing more collaborations and song writing which has been amazing!”

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