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‘The Sanctuary First Late Show’ is our new series featuring an informal mix of discussion, interviews, spoken word and music. Together we will be exploring what it means to laugh, cry and wonder as followers of Jesus in the 21st century.

The show will be streamed live on our site, app and Facebook page and will be available to listen or watch back later on the site and on Spotify & Apple Podcasts. Through lively discussion, wacky anecdotes, stimulating interviews, heartfelt poetry, striking monologues and gentle night prayer we hope to enact the moving, funny, vibrant and often messy experience of being a Christian in the 2020s.

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I was interested in listening because of the topics listed. Unfortunately, the group spent more time joking about how many guitars the one in the funny hat has than about COP26. It was quite inappropriate for them to joke so much about his wealth and how he would hide his guitars to pretend he had sold them to help others. He sent contradictory messages about how we don’t need new objects, but showed off about his phones and watch (implying an Apple watch), as well as his 13 guitars which he admitted he didn’t need. He also said he liked being out of reach with an old phone when he was on call as a doctor. What if people needed him… It was all in bad taste.
He also mentioned a famous 1968 experiment where a question was fed into a computer and it gave the 10 commandments as an answer. This is very misleading. There is no ready information about such a test, and I suspect this is because machines were not reasoning at that time, AI was not that advanced. Could someone explain where he got his information.

— by joyce, November 8, 2021

Hello Joyce, Thank you for taking the time to express how you felt about the late show.
I think you may have a point that we had too much small talk going on at the beginning, however I do think we entered into quite serious discussion on a number of occasions.  Regarding the inappropriate comments, I think I may be responsible for making what I thought to be light hearted comments that led into the discussions causing you to feel we where out of tune with the mood of the theme. 

It is always a fine line between what one person feels is appropriate and another feels inappropriate. In a free flowing discussion there is always a danger that unintended offence is taken. I do think that perhaps you got off on the wrong foot with “ the man with the funny hat”  in retrospect perhaps your description of Iain could have been kinder.  However I’ll leave him to reply regarding your question about the source of his ten commandments comment. When it comes to issues of equality in the world it is always challenging for those of us in the West who have so much not to look and sound hypocritical. We all have more than we need. Perhaps our discussion does expose our contradictions, but that in itself is truthful. We are all flawed in many ways. I like the quote that was going around in the 80s and the 90s ‘ Be patient with me God is not finished with me yet”  I’d like to think we are an honest bunch in the Sanctuary First Late Show. We don’t get everything right, we make mistakes but we are open books.  Perhaps you will give us another opportunity get to know us better. Next month our theme is Angels!  Hope you’ll be able to join us.  Albert

— by Albert Bogle, November 13, 2021

Albert, I appreciate your reply and understand better that you are a group who know each other. I still think you went overboard with the jokes about wealth when discussing such a serious topic, especially when you introduced the talk by saying you would be looking at ways to change how we live. I saw no evidence of any change in the group. As someone on low income, it was disturbing and uncomfortable to see such wealth flaunted. Perhaps Iain could remove some of his expensive possessions from the scene for future recordings.
You haven’t mentioned his inappropriate comments on how he liked having a phone which didn’t work so he wouldn’t be called when needed.
As for my ‘silly hat’ comment, why don’t you listen again to how you all gibe Iain about his appearance at the beginning. It’s unfair of you to put me down in this public forum for calling his hat silly. If any of you are offended by me saying he has a silly hat, after all the things I mentioned about your frivolous chat about wealth, then there is something seriously wrong with the values of the team.
The podcast and your reply don’t make me feel welcome, so I won’t tune in to your angels talk, thanks.

— by Joyce, November 13, 2021

Hello Joyce, I think it best that this stream of conversation is drawn to a close. I don’t know your circumstances and I’m reluctant to take this conversation further in a public forum especially about an individuals personal wealth. As for you being welcome, here in SF you are always most welcome to be part of any stream and broadcast on Sanctuary First as is anyone of any faith and any calling, the nature and strength of being an online platform and community is that anybody can have their voice, heard, share their views, and ask their questions even if those views differ from our own, however I think wisdom tells me on this occasion enough has been said. Indeed there is a great deal more that could be said, about a biblical understanding of wealth. I think it might be a good idea if we have a broadcast about the biblical principles on wealth and possessions, perhaps at some point next year but not now.

— by Albert Bogle, November 15, 2021

I agree this shouldn’t continue. It’s too difficult to be misunderstood. You seem to think I’m complaining about non distribution of wealth, but I’m not. The guitar man is a doctor and deserves to be well-paid for difficult work - even with his comment about being glad his phone is broken when he’s on call. It’s the flaunting his possessions, showing off about his phones and fancy watch that upset me. Would you wear designer clothes to volunteer in a soup kitchen? Why do it on your religious show? It portrays church as only for the well-off. And you only stuck up for your friend in your replies, you didn’t apologise for any offence, to me or others. You put me down for criticising his hat, even though you also laughed at his clothes. It’s not welcoming to outsiders, no matter what you think. The young one with the beard never flaunts his possessions, and always dresses discreetly. He knows what to say to encourage everyone. Maybe you should all take a lesson on humility from him and open up the church to everyone, not just people of your class.

— by Joyce - last message :), November 16, 2021

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