Celebrating the Passover Feast

March 28, 2024 / 7:00pm 3 2

Thursday the 28th at 7pm

The Sanctuary First team lead us in celebrating the Seder during the Festival of Passover. It’s what Jesus and His disciples went up to Jerusalem for! Join us as we tell the story of the Exodus through readings, songs, prayers, and drinking and tasting symbolic and unusual foods in ritual worship which stretches back for generations. And one where we now celebrate the freedom Jesus gives.
Afterwards, join us online to share a Passover feast together from the comfort of our own homes via the Virtual Coffee Shop: Community Passover Feast

What do I Need to Join?

For the Seder, bring with you a heart to worship, a cup and jug of juice, sprigs of parsley, dish of salt water, matzah (or dry crackers, or unleavened bread like pitta bread), maror (bitter herbs, often horseradish), charoset (made from chopped apples, honey, nuts, and grape juice, or sweet chutney), a boiled egg.

See you here at 7pm on Thursday the 28th!