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Wild Jesus, tip of the Iceberg

Ruth Kennedy April 03, 2024 7 5
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John 20:30 (NRSVA)

30 Now Jesus did many other signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not written in this book.

Let your imagination run wild — what else did Jesus do to prove He was resurrected that is not written in the Bible?

More miracles? More freeing of women and children from oppression and injustice? More healings and resurrections?

Walks in the wilds?

Meals in the fields?

New songs to sing and depictions to paint?

Forming sparrows from the mud by a river? Moving mountains?

The authors did not exclude them because they seemed too ridiculous to believe. John, especially, wanted the words of Jesus to be sufficient for us to believe and not focus on the signs, wonders and miracles. And when Jesus shared the good news of salvation from this world into the Kingdom of God it was accompanied with signs, wonders and miracles. When Paul preached the good news of turning from ungodly ways to God through the forgiveness of our sins made possible by Jesus on the cross and empty tomb, when he shared the story of God’s great plan of grace and love with others, there were signs, wonders and miracles showing the Kingdom of God is here.

I wonder if John mentioned ‘the more’ with a smile and a laugh because Jesus was so generous with this love and power in miracles, there was just no way of holding in a book the extent of the manifestations of his love and power for us. We are to go and encounter Jesus for ourselves. I mention Paul to remind us that the miracles of the living Lord Jesus did not die in the tomb nor leave earth to go to heaven. They continued because the generous love and power of Jesus is still available and working after His resurrection continuing today and beyond our days through the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Look around you today, what signs and miracles of Jesus being alive are you going to journal, write down, give thanks for?

Even if they were all written down there would not be enough space in this world to contain all the books! His Words and actions recorded in the Bible are the tip of the iceberg of the power of Jesus in this world. Books cannot contain Jesus, we cannot contain Jesus, He is wild!




Generous God we can never find the end of your goodness and love and power, because there is no end. There is no way to record and contain all of you for you are extravagantly abundant in all ways at all times.

So, please, Holy Spirit open our eyes to notice the signs, wonders and miracles all around us that sing ‘Jesus is Alive’! Give us faith to pray and be involved in the working of your signs, wonders and miracles because the cosmos and eternity are bursting full of your love and power. And lead us into Jesus, trusting more in Him, relying more on His words so we don’t need His love proved to us again. The cross was once.

Jesus, we are sorry for taming you and ignoring your words for the signs. Recalibrate us to you.

Rewild our faith in you.