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The Truth

March 16, 2018 0
Image credit: J Cathcart

John 7: 26-29

26 And here he is, speaking openly, but they say nothing to him! Can it be that the authorities really know that this is the Messiah? 27 Yet we know where this man is from; but when the Messiah comes, no one will know where he is from.’ 28 Then Jesus cried out as he was teaching in the temple, ‘You know me, and you know where I am from. I have not come on my own. But the one who sent me is true, and you do not know him. 29 I know him, because I am from him, and he sent me.’

I love the episode of Father Ted where Dougal can’t understand the idea of perspective. Ted says to him, “Okay one last time”, picking up some small cow figures “These are small, but the ones out there,” indicating the field outside the window, “are far away.” 

Sometimes we don’t understand what’s right in front of us. They say that seeing is believing, but sometimes we see and choose not to believe. We remain stuck in our own stubborn perspective, unwilling to change, even if our hearts are crying out for us to heed the truth.

Faith cannot be forced. But when we encounter Jesus, however that happens, we will be asked, ‘Will you come and follow me?’ The choice is ours. 


What did I miss?

There was a moment there when I felt something, 

I think. 

But I couldn’t be sure if that sense of recognition was real, 

if that tugging at my heart was you.

I had to choose, and I chose to stay the same. 

And yet here I am, talking to you, 

having another look.

Will you ask me again?

Lent Legacy 2021 Action

Day Twenty Seven

Think of someone who has inspired you and send them a note of thanks.

Alternative - Think how you might be an inspiration to someone else.