Daily Worship

The Dream of Gifts

Mrs Karen Brown July 01, 2016 0 0

Exodus 31:3

'I have filled him with the spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts'.

Lord, you created the heavens and the earth.
The beauty of the land, the colours and hues of your creation speak to our very souls.
The wonder of the skies filling us with amazement at your power.
The greens blues and silver of the sea speaking of your glory.
The soothing, cheering song of the birds touch us with your care.
Creation shouts with praise in honour of your majesty.

Music lifts us into your presence and we find that you are the music.
You bind us together and as we respond to the tuning of our hearts we become part of your community of love.

Paintings offering the artists expression of your handiwork. Bind us together in the joy of one another.
As we respond to the moving of our spirits our hearts lift in thankfulness.

Lord your word is a glorious drama of amazing love truth and power.
The gift of acting draws us into the joy of sharing feelings, expectations and even frustrations. What a gift of joyous and challenging involvement drawing us together in the community of sharing.

We praise you Lord for all your gifting which brings us together in a unique way.
Father, we become one in singing, expressing and sharing and we find you at the core of community. 
The dream is real.