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Taste and see

John Povey January 25, 2020 0 1
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Psalm 34: 8 (NIVUK)

8 Taste and see that the Lord is good;
    blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

The word ‘pudding’ to describe a dessert is a fairly modern innovation. Traditionally there were savoury puddings as well as sweet. Many puddings were essentially sausage meat, cereal, spices, and often blood, stuffed into stomachs, and boiled or steamed. Haggis is an example. In the Middle Ages, this could be very good or very bad — or possibly fatal if the meat used was contaminated. But to find out, you had to put it to the “proof.” Hence the expression, "the proof of the pudding is in the eating”.

Some of the show-stoppers produced by contestants in the popular television show “Bake Off” look delicious. Then the judges taste them and advise, “It’s a little too dry for my liking”, “there’s too much coconut”, or “I can’t really taste the lemon.”

Taste makes all the difference. We want taste to bring pleasure and satisfaction.

The Bible commentator Matthew Henry wrote, “Let God’s goodness be rolled under the tongue as a sweet morsel.” The Psalm writer invites us to “taste and see,” to experience what he has experienced, so that we too can know the satisfying goodness of the Lord.

Just as we need nourishment from food for our bodies, we need nourishment from God for our souls. As you eat today, take the time to taste today what the Lord has prepared and let it nourish your body and soul.


Lord, thank you that you fill our lives to overflowing with many flavours, as we feast on your generous provision at your heavenly banquet. Amen.