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Swan Lake Opus 20

Muriel Willoughby November 29, 2016 0 1

Jeremiah 29:11

’I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for.’

We recently saw the musical of Billy Elliot and once again I was struck by the energy and ‘feel good’ factor of the film.

It took me back to the first time I saw the film, on the recommendation of a friend who suggested that there was a message in it for me.

The story is of a boy from a mining community in the 1980’s overcoming grief, poverty and prejudice to fulfil his ‘hidden’ talent of dance. The message for me at the time, when I was exploring what God was calling me to do with my life, was so powerful that I left the cinema utterly speechless. Billy’s call was not an easy one but he knew that he had the talent and he had to work hard to make the most of it often in spite of opposition and prejudice. The climax of the film is seeing Billy, as an adult, perform Swan Lake at the theatre in front of family and friends. The theatre version uses the same music but has the adult and young Billy’s dancing together. 

The message I took from this music, which I had known and loved since childhood, is that the power of  God is within us and can be released when we let it. My call as a minister was certainly influenced by this music and story although I hope I’ll never be called to dance in public!

God has a plan for each of us as Jeremiah says in chapter 29:11. We need to have the courage to answer that call.






Loving God, I thank you today for my calling as a Christian, as a minister, as part of your Church in the world.
I thank you for all the ways you speak to  me through music, art, words, people, nature and silence.

I pray for all those who are seeking the way ahead for them, for a call to use the talents you have given them.

I pray for strength and courage, commitment and perseverance for all who answer your call on their lives, especially for those who are struggling at this time.

May each of us know the power of your Holy Spirit fulfilling your plan for our lives today and every day as we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen



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