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Dr Iain Jamieson May 29, 2023 2 1
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Mark 1: 16-18 (NRSVA)

16 As Jesus passed along the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew casting a net into the lake—for they were fishermen. 17 And Jesus said to them, ‘Follow me and I will make you fish for people.’ 18 And immediately they left their nets and followed him.

“Come follow me” Jesus said.

Jesus asked a bunch of fishermen to become disciples, ordinary guys who likely drank a bit too much, used colourful metaphors when the nets would come up empty or the sea was rough and they were cold and tired and fed up. Pretty much me really, ordinary Ayrshire bloke — no angel.

He didn’t say “Come follow me – and you’ll suddenly be perfect”, or “Come follow me because I’ve been looking about and you’re just about the holiest people I’ve met…” Nope it was pretty simple. It IS pretty simple: Jesus says “Come follow me” and in leaving your nets (and we can make a whole lot of nets and be caught in a whole lot of nets in life) you’ve changed your life’s direction.

You’re a follower of Christ.

That’s the change, that changes you, that’s the key that unlocks the doors, that frees you from being caught in the nets you’ve woven or that others have woven for you.

All you need to do is follow, following means to walk with. It’s going from walking alone to walking with Jesus.

He doesn’t say the walk will be a walk in the park, he doesn’t say the walk will be long or short. None of that. “Come follow me”. That’s a message I can get behind. These guys, the ordinary, gnarly guys did just that and in following they founded a mission, a message of such truth and power it’s alive and kicking right now, a couple of millennia down the road.


Jesus, you said “Come follow me”

So I will

Let’s walk together down the road a while

I might need a bit of help if the going gets tough

But I know following you means you walk with me and you’ll pick me up if I fall and pull me up if I’m sinking

I will follow.