Daily Worship


August 06, 2013 0 0

Matt 25:36

‘I was in prison and you came to me’

There are over 50,000 prisoners in Kenya of which 3,000 are women.  In some cases where women have young children the children are kept with them in prison.  At the age of 4 the children are then sent out from the prison to stay with relatives or other carer. For those in prison for more than a year or so contact with families can deteriorate badly and many long-term prisoners receive few on no visits at all.  It can be very expensive visiting a relative especially if they are in prison far from home.  Phone calls are possible but money is needed to phone and if there have been no visits from relatives there is often no money to phone.  A visit or even a short phone call can bring such joy and relief. 

Heavenly Father, thank-you for the relationships we enjoy on a daily basis. We remember all those who long to see a loved one or hear their voice or receive news of how children are doing.  May their prayers be answered.


Written by Sheena Orr, Kenya