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The purpose of God

Liz Crumlish February 11, 2019 0 0
Image credit: Pixabay
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Psalm 138: 8

8 You will do everything you have promised;
    Lord, your love is eternal.
    Complete the work that you have begun.

Time and again we are reminded that nothing enduring comes easily.
We are encouraged to be patient and persistent.
How long O God?
Where are you in that great cyber space, where connections are made in an instant, where questions asked are answered as soon as they’re formed?
Are you able to respond like lightning, solving every problem in 280 characters?
Can you keep up with our thirst for knowledge and interaction day and night?
Do you pick up on our mood and change the soundtrack accordingly?
Do you follow our algorithm, promoting the things you know we desire?
Perhaps it’s you who must be patient.
You who is persistent.
Because you made us and refuse to give up on us.
Your purpose will not be thwarted.
Your love will not be defeated.
Even in an instant age, you choose a long game.
You stand out from the fleeting.
You, O God, of love and purpose, are steadfast and enduring in every generation.