Daily Worship

Peace and Reconciliation

Albert Bogle August 31, 2016 0 0

Matthew 5:9

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

The news of a 52 year old war ending in Colombia must bring an element of hope and joy into all our lives. Colombia may seem to some a distant place but for those caught up in a generational war this must be cause for celebration. 

Today we are turning this tragic page of our history," President Santos said at the ceremony. "It will allow us to start healing our wounds and teach our children to never repeat what happened and that the time to live without war has come".

The cost of peace however is never easy to absorb, especially, if you have lost so much at the hands of tormentors and terrorists. To engage in a process of reconciliation with those who have caused much harm calls for grace that can only come from out with ourselves.  It is the same grace that allows one time friends who are enemies to find a road to reconciliation and recovery.



I pray for all who want peace

But who don't know how to bring it about

I pray for those who are still wounded 

After years of neglect and abuse

Those who carry on bleeding inside

While on the surface their cuts have healed

Reach out to Your despairing children

The resentful ones

The restless ones

The angry ones

The ones who feel misjudged

The ones who feel let down by friends and colleagues

Open our eyes to see the hurt

Open our hearts to make the adjustments

In order that peace might reign among friends and enemies