Daily Worship


Wendy August 03, 2017 0 0
Image credit: Christian Aid

Psalm 119: 133 - 136

133 Keep my steps steady according to your promise,
    and never let iniquity have dominion over me.
134 Redeem me from human oppression,
    that I may keep your precepts.
135 Make your face shine upon your servant,
    and teach me your statutes.
136 My eyes shed streams of tears
    because your law is not kept.

'It’s difficult in times like these: ideals, dreams and cherished hopes rise within us, only to be crushed by grim reality. It’s a wonder I haven’t abandoned all my ideals, they seem so absurd and impractical. Yet I cling to them because I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart.' - Anne Frank


When opinions and expectations 

press in on every side

when unrealistic demands of duty 

deny fullness of life

when the to-do list is never-ending 

and nothing ever satisfies

may your face shine upon us and 

may we cling to your Word of life.


When advertising shouts at us

telling us what is lacking in our lives

when blatant lies and deceit

are now false truth and alternative facts  

when instagram, facebook and twitter

show us what we are missing out on

May your face shine upon us and

May we cling to your Word of life. 


When regret and unfulfilled dreams

dilute our contentment and joy

When friends and loved ones 

have gone, leaving us all alone 

When for whatever reason

our eyes shed streams of tears

May your face shine upon us and

May we cling to your Word of life.


Image: A young girl orphaned by Ebola from Sierra Leonne (Christian Aid)