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Lumens of light

Ruth Kennedy February 21, 2024 5 2
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Psalm 119: 105 (NIVUK)


Your word is a lamp for my feet,
    a light on my path

A benefit of the longer Scottish nights during the winter is we have lots of opportunities for night light adventures! Running with a head torch in the snow can be a really disorientating experience! Cycling through the forest at night is a test of mental courage (what was that noise! Is it a bear??) and inspires childlike wonder at where the path is going next. The bike lights or head torch give a focused beam of light that is more than sufficient to continue on the adventure but yet leaves a lot unknown. Each lumen of light spotlights the stones in the path, some of them waving back their own reflected light. It creates tunnel-vision focus to stay in the light.

Turn them off and every shiny stone suddenly becomes a trip hazard, every unseen bend in the path is a waiting ambush of trees and branches. We are in danger and lost without the light.

And I love this verse in Psalm 119 because it is as though the author had been out on one of these night adventures! They understood how vital light is. And understood God’s word is just like that.

God’s word saves us from heading into an ambush or trap set to snare us into selfish living or life without God. The light on the path shows us the bends in the road and where to go.

God’s word keeps us running and moving without tripping and falling as the lamp shows the stones to avoid. Reading God’s word shines the lamp of God’s peace in our life so we know where to go, and how to bring others with us.

The Bible offers us tunnel-vision focus to God so we can live out for God.




Your word oh Lord is eternal;

It stands firm in the heavens.

Your faithfulness continues through all generations;

You establish the earth and it endures.

Your word endures to this day, for all things service you.

Oh, how I love your word,

I meditate on it all day long.

How sweet are your words to my taste,

Sweeter than honey to my mouth.

Flood our hearts with the light of your word so that we shine the light to help others in the dark places of the world.

We remember that whilst there is darkness, there is a lot more light.

Thank you Jesus for your outrageous grace that is this lamp in us and in the world.