Daily Worship

Jealous God

Amanda MacQuarrie June 16, 2018 0 0
Image credit: Pixabay

2 Kings 17: 34-41

34 To this day they continue to practise their former customs.

They do not worship the Lord and they do not follow the statutes or the ordinances or the law or the commandment that the Lord commanded the children of Jacob, whom he named Israel. 35 The Lord had made a covenant with them and commanded them, ‘You shall not worship other gods or bow yourselves to them or serve them or sacrifice to them, 36 but you shall worship the Lord, who brought you out of the land of Egypt with great power and with an outstretched arm; you shall bow yourselves to him, and to him you shall sacrifice. 37 The statutes and the ordinances and the law and the commandment that he wrote for you, you shall always be careful to observe. You shall not worship other gods; 38 you shall not forget the covenant that I have made with you. You shall not worship other gods, 39 but you shall worship the Lord your God; he will deliver you out of the hand of all your enemies.’ 40 They would not listen, however, but they continued to practise their former custom.

41 So these nations worshipped the Lord, but also served their carved images; to this day their children and their children’s children continue to do as their ancestors did.

Despite being led, cared for and protected by God, the Israelites often struggled to leave behind their old ways, keeping their old idols, and were unable, or unwilling to turn themselves fully to God. But is that something unique to the Israelites? What are our idols? We’d all love to say nothing…

But, if we’re honest, when we seek to set aside time for God there are many things which vie for our attention, preventing us from getting together with Him – our smart phones, social media, popularity, work.


What do we prioritise in our day?

Is it getting things done?

Keeping people happy?

Being indispensable?


Or is God our first and last,

The one which sparks the ignition, and the one that we’re journeying towards?


All consuming fire,

Wanting every bit of us –

Whether we want to give it to you or not.

Invited to journey with you, and only you.

And so, fix our eyes upon you.

Open our hands, so that we let go of the things which we cling to,

Which we think give us identity and purpose,

So that we wholeheartedly turn to you.

Body, mind, and spirit,

United in the one action, one thought, one goal,

Of journeying day by day where you lead,

So that we may always journey with you.