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Here is a thing

Albert Bogle August 13, 2019 0 1
Image credit: Pixabay
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Psalm 50: 22-23 (NRSVA)

22 ‘Mark this, then, you who forget God,
    or I will tear you apart, and there will be no one to deliver.
23 Those who bring thanksgiving as their sacrifice honour me;
    to those who go the right way
    I will show the salvation of God.’

Here is a thing. Could it be that some people who say they believe and love God are in fact atheists when it comes to practicing true religion? And could it be that many a self confessed atheist when it comes to living life without God ends us living and acting out true religion? Psalm 50 opens us up to a court case in which God ends up challenging us all to be careful when it comes to our actions. God is not into religious games. Honouring God is not about what I can get; it’s about what we give of ourselves without asking anything in return. Eros is the Greek word for a type of love that always looks for a return of some kind.

EROS: “I was walking by the loch side
Suddenly I was in conversation with You the Almighty
Creation joined in the exchange
She spoke to me, told me to listen to you
I thought I’ve nothing to add…
So I turned my head away
Ended up adoring my own creation and I took a selfie.”

GOD: “I thought you’d at least listen when I showed you true beauty
My Son he’s like the sun, he dazzles everyone
Then I came into view
And you turned before I was in focus"

EROS: "Hmmmm? Why are you here?"

GOD:  “I’m holding court. 
Holding you to account
I’ll start with the people who say they love me
I’ve no problem with their styles of worship
It’s their actions that bother me
I’m not looking for sacrificial lambs
Or a list of self-sacrifices
I just want conversations from the heart
I’d love you to obey the rules, be thankful
And when in trouble ask for my help
To turn and look me in the eye.
What are you up to Eros?
When I look you up
you never answer."

EROS: “I thought you knew 
I was doing it all for you. 
I was busy interpreting your law for today’s world 
Making it more accessible 
Helping people see what’s in it for them.”

GOD: “Eros, I’m calling you out
You better face up to the truth
I could pass sentence on you right now
It’s a life of praise and thanksgiving 
Of unconditional love that pleases me
If you’re willing to change your ways
Grace will point you in my direction.
And one more thing
Stop taking that selfie!
Creation doesn’t revolve around you!”


Almighty God, guide us in caring for the oppressed and the down trodden, and in seeking justice before self. Amen.