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Here be treasure

Lily Cathcart December 11, 2020 0 1
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Mathew 6: 21 (NRSVA)

21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

During lockdowns, big and small, many people have found the time to re-evaluate what takes up space in their home and their wallets. For some this has meant a clear out and ferrying things to charity shops, for others their simple place to sleep has been brought to life with homely touches and finally finished DIY projects.

Some, in all this aesthetic reorganisation and long hours of frustration or loneliness, have even found time to re-evaluate their hearts. As the verse so effectively summarises, we often find that regardless of intention we have turned our hearts towards our treasures. Who needs peace when you have a new phone, who needs God when you have new episodes to binge, who needs love when your order can be here in hours instead of days? These are the things that get us through long days and months.

I don’t judge: I have just bought a new phone, binge watch TV shows regularly and have a strong preference for speedy delivery.

I mean simply to remind myself, and if you need it to remind you, to refocus our hearts on God’s peace and love. They may not always be as immediate a balm but they are a truer, longer lasting and better one for our poor tired hearts.


God our truest treasure,
The world we have built and been born into is full of treasures.
Please help us to put you foremost in our hearts and enjoy other treasures through your eyes instead of the eyes of the broken world.
Help us to shine together brighter than all the treasures combined for you.