Daily Worship

Guide my steps

Jock Stein May 07, 2015 0 0

Acts 1:2

Before he was taken up, he gave instructions by the power of the Holy Spirit to the men he had chosen as his apostles


We think of ‘instructions’ as paper or screen commands, part of a how-to-do-it manual; but when Jesus gave his friends instructions it was something personal, something they loved receiving, a relationship with the living word of God foreshadowed by the passion of Psalm 119.


God how I love your word!
It is a lamp, it is honey, it is wonderful.
Write your word this day in my heart,
pour it sweetly into the cracks in my life,
open my mind to grasp what you say,
and guide my steps in your good way.

I pray for those who teach, for those who frame laws, for those who execute policy. May your Spirit bring understanding, justice and common humanity in place of ignorance, unfairness and hate. Guide those who speak to others, and help me to speak and act with love and wisdom, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.