Daily Worship -

God on our Side

August 20, 2016 0

Exodus 20:3

You shall have no other Gods before me.

In her dream Mary ran up the left wing, hit the ball across into the centre and cheered as the centre forward scored. She felt great.
In the morning she worked in the office preparing schedules for the delivery men so that folk would get the things they needed.
In his dream John conducted a great orchestra, bringing in each section as the music changed, quietening the slower, thoughtful sections, bringing the finale through a glorious crescendo to a crashing final chord.  He felt great.
In the morning he sat at his desk making sure all the staff knew what they had to do to ensure the products were well made in a safe and secure work environment.
In their dreams Julie and Pete and Imran and Brian and Rose and Erin and Jitka achieved great things.
In the morning they worked the machines which made the pills which were distributed around the country and cured the illnesses.

Lord thank you for giving us each a different role in life. You created us to be in community, to work as a team.  So often we watch on as others take what we see as more important roles in life, just as we may watch our favourite team or athlete and envy their skill.   Remind us that the team needs our support, that we all have our part to play in their success.  They also serve who only stand and watch and cheer and encourage and commiserate. 

We are very good at sharing with others the joy we have of supporting our favourite teams or sports people.  Help us to have the same enthusiasm for sharing the good news of your love.  If only the whole world could come to support the same team; if only those following the false gods of money and fame and power could learn how much better life is when yours is the team they support.

And as we play the game of life, we give thanks and praise knowing God is on our side.